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The PDP-11 is a series of 16-bit minicomputers sold by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) from 1970 into the 1990s, one of a set of products in the Programmed Data Processor (PDP) series. In total, around 600,000 PDP-11s of all models were sold, making it one of DEC's most successful product lines. The PDP-11 is considered by some experts to be the most popular minicomputer The PDP-11 architecture is an instruction set architecture developed by Digital Equipment Corporation. It is implemented by central processing units and microprocessors used in PDP-11 minicomputers. It was in wide use during the 1970s, but was eventually overshadowed by the more powerful VAX-11 architecture in the 1980s

The PDP-11 (Programmed Data Processor) was one the (if not the) most successful computers of all times. It began its career as a minicomputer, and ended up as a micro or supermicro/supermini. It was manufactured from 1970 since the early 1990s F-16 simulation Viperpit cockpit constructio PDP-11 series of 16-bit minicomputers produced by Digital Equipment Corporation from 1970 to 1990, and by Mentec from 1994 onwards The PDP-11 does not seem to have overcome this weakness, although it appears that more complex systems are being built successfully with the PDP-11 than with its predecessors, the PDP-8 and PDP-15. Because of their minimal nature, mini computers were not pleasant environments on which to write programs I have a PDP-11/44, which runs 2.11BSD and also run RSX11M-PLUS. This is an old picture of the machine, as originally configured. The Cipher F-100 tape drive died, so now I have dual RX-02 floppy drives installed above the CPU, and a Kennedy 9600 Formatted Pertec auto-loading 9-track tape drive above the RX02's

RACAL based radio amateur statio The PiDP-11 is a modern replica of the PDP-11/70. Introduced in 1975, the 11/70 was top of the line in the famed PDP-11 range, and the very last system with a proper front panel. Tragically, DEC field service often removed the front panel in a later upgrade, leaving us staring at dull blank panels ever since. The PDP-11 is perhaps the most important computer in history. This was the king of all minicomputers, and once you get past the amazing front panels of the 11/20, 11/40, and 11/70, you'll find. PDP 11/70 Emulator - v3.1 August 2020. This emulator came about because years ago I was a programmer for RSTS/E on a PDP 11/45 and had admired the console idle loop light pattern - but I couldn't quite remember how it looked. Given the unavailability of real systems it became time to write an emulator This video demonstrates how one programmed a 1970's era minicomputer using switches and paper tape. Additional information about the project can be found at:..

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  1. The PDP-11 is a series of computers introduced in 1969 [1] by the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), in production there from 1970-1990. Their life-time spanned a period of momentous changes in the computer world: when they were first introduced (and for a little less than half their life), core memory was still the standard main memory technology; by the end, microprocessors had become.
  2. PDP 11 PDP-11/34. We rescued two PDP-11/34 computers and their associated equipment from a storage unit in the Bronx and have been working on getting one of them running again. It is now on static display at my office
  3. PDP-11 replica by Oscar Vermeulen PiDP-11. [ 7,945 views ] Some time ago I wrote a post about my trip down memory lane. I visited the Apple Museum Nederland and wrote how that brought me to the micro-KIM computer. A replica of my very first computer: the KIM-1
  4. DEC PDP-11 (1970) components inside chassis - Computer History Museum (2007-11-10 23.07.18 by Carlo Nardone).jpg 2,272 × 1,704; 983 KB DEC PDP-11 20 computer at the Computer History Museum.jpg 3,648 × 2,736; 2.72 M

The 1975 PDP-11/70 was the first computer with unix and C. But there is much more to make this an interesting minicomputer playground. The PiDP-11 uses a modified simh on a Pi, hiding behind a replica front panel. It runs everything: From Unix v5 to 2.11BSD to RSX-11, multi-user, vector graphics and all. CAD design and injection molding were new territory for me; I felt that a replica had to. The PDP-11 simulator comes courtesy of Bob Supnik's SIMH[2][3], a collection of simulators for bygone computing platforms. The aim is to put together pre-built simulator binaries along with config and OS disk images, all wrapped with neat startup scripts to make getting started simple. Supported PDP-11 Operating System DEC's legendary PDP-11 lives on in Aaron's collection. In memory of Marc Grenville-Cleave, who helped restore this machine. https://www.facebook.com/computer.. UNIX System III on PDP-11. The distribution files that you could once get from TUHS (mirrored here) are not in the original format.I recreated the original distribution tape from them and you can find the result here.. Make sure you have the setup document, because that's what we'll follow and it contains more info than this quick guide.. Installing the root file syste Processor handbook pdp 11 - Processor handbook pdp 11/ 05 10 35 40. Digital equipment corporation, 1973

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  1. ent among the suppliers of
  2. icomputers. However, the time had come for the introduction of a 16-bit machine to replace/supercede the -8
  3. icomputers started selling in the 70s, and were still available in the earlier 90s. While being stuck in Europe due to COVID-19 restrictions, Jeroen Domburg (aka Sprite_tm) decided to design a tiny replica of a DEC VT102 PDP-11 ter

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I inherited some weirdly digitized PDP-11 software from family which turned out to be some custom CAD software and drivers for an early digitizer tablet. He said he'd never been able to get it running on an emulator because of how hackish the code was but after futzing with the software and building a little cabinet extension for the PiDP-11 itself, it was like he was back in 1981 PDP-11 Processor Handbook Last Modified: January 29, 2001. This document is made up of information extracted from the LSI-11 Processor Handbook and PDP-11 Architecture Handbook. It defines the basic instruction set and addressing modes of the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) generic PDP-11 family of minicomputers The PDP-11/20 was the first minicomputer to interface all system elements -- processor, memory and peripherals -- to a single, bi-directional, asynchronous bus. The UNIBUS enabled fast devices to send, receive or exchange data without intermediate buffering in memory Introduction The PDP-11 instruction set offers a wide selection of operations and addressing modes. To save memory space and to simplify the implementation of control and communications applications, the PDP-11 instructions allow byte and word addressing in both single- and double-operand formats Revengineered ancient PDP-11 CPUs, originals and clones engineering verilog reverse retrocomputing hdl pdp-11 cpucore Updated Jul 25, 202

PDP-11 Peripherals Handbook (1976) KW11 Line Time Clock Manual (Apr 1973) KW11 Line Time Clock Manual (Jul 1974) M9312 Bootstrap/Terminator Module Technical Manual (Oct 1979) RK11 Moving Head Disk Drive Controller Manual (Feb 1975) RL11 User Guide (Sep 1981) RX11 floppy. PDP-11 Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 25 jan 2021 om 10:01. De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie Creative Commons Naamsvermelding/Gelijk delen, er kunnen aanvullende voorwaarden van toepassing zijn. Zie de gebruiksvoorwaarden voor meer informatie. Wikipedia® is een geregistreerd handelsmerk. DEC PDP-11 BASIC. According to the PDP-11/20 Handbook (1971), p. 160, notable features of PDP-11 BASIC included: Use of BASIC statements in immediate mode (no line number) Ability to use any BASIC command (RUN, LIST, etc.) in deferred mode (with a line number) Recursive subroutine calls; Multiple statements on a single lin This website describes PDP2011 - a re-creation of the well known series of PDP-11 computer systems in VHDL. Everything that is needed to run a PDP-11 system is included; you can run a complete Unibus PDP-11 system with console, disks and other peripherals on a simple low cost FPGA development board


So, he took some ideas from the set of ideas that went into the PDP-11. That does not mean that the 6800 is like a PDP-11 in any way really expressed in the ISA, just that the PDP-11 provided some inspiration or guidance. My candidates for what ideas were taken: the desirability of memory-access instructions being able to address all of memor Model: PDP-11/70 from $250 Architecture: 16-bit OS: RSX-11M Plus Blinkenlights: 64 Author's link: magpi.cc/wgWNTC. Remarkable replica. For this new kit, a painstaking process has resulted in an injection-moulded replica of the original PDP-11's case. If not for the one-third scale, you would struggle to tell it apart from the real thing Pdp 11: Russell Jesse: Amazon.nl Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om advertenties weer te geven press run, type unix at the @ prompt to load the kernel, enjoy!fa

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Like most systems, PDP-11 has a range of shifting and rotating operations ROR - ROtate Right using carry ROL - ROtate Left using carry ASR - Arithmatic Shift Right ASL - Arithmatic Shift Left We'll test each command with a loop. The result of each command can be seen here. ROR. The project contains a complete DEC PDP-11 system: a PDP-11/70 CPU with memory management unit, but without floating point unit, a complete set of mass storage peripherals (RK11/RK05, RL11/RL02, RK70/RP06, TM11/TU10) and a basic set of UNIBUS peripherals (DL11, LP11, PC11), and last but not least a cache and memory controllers for SRAM and PSRAM pdp-11 free download. reveal.js reveal.js is a framework for creating beautiful interactive presentations using HTML. It comes wit The PDP-11/60 offered a combination of unique attributes, which were normally found in larger, more expensive computers at the time. Designed around the proven UNIBUS architecture, the PDP-11/60 included user control store features previously unavailable from DIGITAL as well as several 11/70 class features such as cache memory and RAMP

He has nice page detailing the PDP-11/70 and explaining what all the switches and lights do. He's even built similar front panels from scratch. Also check out the adapter board Bob Armstrong of Spare Time Gizmos did to hook up a PDP-11/40 panel to the Ersatz-11 emulator running on Zork I: Pdp-11: Infocom: Amazon.nl Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om advertenties weer te geven Taco Cowboy writes Most of the younger /. readers never heard of the PDP-11, while we geezers have to retrieve bits and pieces of our affairs with PDP-11 from the vast warehouse inside our memory lanes. From the article: HP might have nuked OpenVMS, but its parent, PDP-11, is still spry and powering GE nuclear power-plant robots and will do for another 37 years PDP-11/05, PDP-11/20 expansion box, rack -ES, tabletop -EC BA11-F : 21 in : two H742 or H7420 : PDP-11/40, PDP-11/45, PDP-11/70, Unibus expansion - cards pull out left BA11-G : 7.5 in : DDV11-E : tabletop box w/ L-H Research power supply BA11-J : n/a : n/a : strong cover for.

PDP-11/45 Processor (KB11-A, KT11-C, and FP11-B) The 11/45 is essentially a 11/70 without cache, massbus and 22 bit addressing, but otherwise very similar. KB11-A Processor Maintenance Manual (1972 You could look at this as a smallish PDP-11/70, built with modern parts, Oscar Vermeulen writes on his site. Or alternatively, and equally valid, as a fancy front panel case for a Raspberry Pi. Long-time Slashdot reader cptnapalm writes: Oscar Vermeulen's PiDP-11 front panel, modeling a PDP-11.. What is the PDP-11 instruction set? The instruction set of the PDP-11 was designed towards a clean, general, symmetric instruction set. It can be used as a register-based, stack-based, or memory-based machine, depending on the programmer's preferences This PDP-11/70 panel simulation is very similar to the PDP-11/40 panel I made before. So this description page is essentially a link page to the 11/40 Blinkenbone project. Download and install. Download is from GitHub, see here for detailed info. To install, just unzip into an arbitray directory and execute the pdp1170.bat (or .sh) batch file If your organization is using legacy hardware, you know the risk and cost of maintaining it. A virtualized environment on Azure Virtual Machines can offer better performance, lower costs, and less risk for running a legacy software stack. In this short guide, Ricardo Galvan of Global AzureCAT tells how one company used Stromasys Charon-AXP emulator to run a mission-critical application on Azure

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  1. PDP-11. Floating point numbers for PDP computers are stored in either 2 words (totaling 32 bits) or 4 words (totaling 64 bits). The normalized bit is assumed to be 1 unless the exponent is 0 (corresponding to 2 to the 128) in which case that bit is assumed to be 0
  2. icomputers based on an instruction set designed by C. Gordon Bell at DEC in the early 1970s. The PDP-11 family, which came after, but was not derived from, the PDP-10, was the most successful computer of its time until it was itself succeeded by the VAX.Models included the 11/23 and 11/24 (based on the F11 chipset); 11/44, 11/04, 11/34.
  3. My PDP-11 project splits into several parts, and so does this web site: Main part is the completion and restoration of my PDP-11/44. First tests I made with XXDP on emulated TU58 tape. Here is a walkthrough for a 11/34
  4. icomputers, ter

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PDP-11 Page 19-APR-19 . Back in 1998 I recovered a PDP-11/34a from the University of. Pennsylvania (it belonged to a professor in the psychology . department to run experiments), S/N AG11840 built 19-AUG-77. It was a nicely-equipped system -- 128kw of RAM, two RK0 Type unix at the @ prompt to load the kernel (avoid empty string here).FA DEC PDP-11 Bootstrap Loader. The Bootstrap Loader is a small program that loads the Absolute Loader, which is then used to load other PDP-11 tapes in the Absolute Format, such as BASIC (Single User). Here's what the Bootstrap Loader looks like

The PDP-11 included a number of innovative features in its instruction set and additional general-purpose registers that made it much easier to program than earlier models in the series. Additionally, the innovative Unibus system allowed external devices to be easily interfaced to the system using direct memory access, opening the system to a wide variety of peripherals >HEL 1,1 Password: RSX-11M-PLUS V4.6 BL87 [1,54] System BIGSYS 07-FEB-21 09:38 Logged on Terminal TT12: Good Morning +-----+ | ДОБРО ПОЖАЛОВАТЬ НА СТРАНИЦЫ PDP-11.ORG.RU | | | | Если вы помните, что такое PDP-11, если вам знакомы такие слова, | | как RSX, RT-11 или на худой конец РАФОС, ОСРВ. S M L XL. In this picture, you can see the vast majority of the collection. Starting from the far left, we have the PDP-12, followed by two cabinets (with a whiteboard in front of them) featuring MM8IAs, FPP12, DW08s, DM01s, PT08s, a TC58, a BA12, and CC02s. In the next cabinet is a store of backplanes and a PDP-8/I.The next one features two PDP-8/Ms, a PDP-8/L, a PDP-11/10, and a PDP-11/R20

PiDP-11: RECREATING THE PDP-11/70 - obsolescenc

The PDP-11/34A was introduced by DEC in 1977 as a re-enginered version of the PDP-11/34. This one is mounted in a BA11-K mounting box which provides space for one 4-slot and two 9-slot Unibus backplanes. When i got it, the machine hadn't been used for at least 15 years, and so it was quite dirty, with dead spiders in the cardcage and such Sprites mods has done it again.¹ This time, it's a tiny but operational PDP-11. Case modeled on a VT-102, but it's really more like a approximately ⅙ scale VT-103 with LSI-11 installed. It runs BSD 2.11 and is networked. He had to get a bit creative to make a 4x10 pixel font readable (with magnification, at least for some of us) on a display that would fit this scale. This may be the.

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pdp-11 определяет указатель стека так, как мы понимаем его сегодня, как регистр, управляемый операциями push и pop, но pdp-11 пошла дальше, и разрешила любому регистру работать как указатель стека, добавив модификатор. pdp-11 — серия 16-разрядных мини-ЭВМ компании dec, серийно производившихся и продававшихся в 1970—80-х годах.Развитие серии pdp-8 из общей линейки компьютеров pdp.В pdp-11 появилось несколько уникальных технологических инноваций. Since the PDP-11 will be used for real time control applications, it is important that devices can com- municate with one another quickly (Le., the response time of a request should be short). A multiple priori'ty level, mted interrupt mechanism was selected; addi- tional priority levels are provided by the physica

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  1. PDP-11为美商迪吉多电脑(Digital Equipment Corp.)於1970到1980年代,所销售的一系列16位元 迷你电脑 。PDP-11是迪吉多电脑的PDP-8系列的后续机种。PDP-11有着许多创新的特色,而且比起其前代机种更容易撰写程式
  2. Category filter: Show All (116)Most Common (1)Technology (27)Government & Military (35)Science & Medicine (22)Business (29)Organizations (30)Slang / Jargon (8) Acronym Definition PDP Program Decision Package PDP Policy Decision Point PDP Product Detail Page (web page) PDP Plasma Display Panel PDP Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare) PDP Portable DVD.
  3. aisuutta eivät DEC:n käyttöjärjestelmät hyödyntäneet

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  1. PDP-11. PDP-11: übersetzung. Programmable Digital Processor model 11, Anfang der 80er Jahre eingeführtes Nachfolgemodell der DEC PDP-10. Acronyms von A bis Z. 2013
  2. I was lucky enough to pickup a PDP-11/70 last week, thanks to the generosity of a fellow collector. The racks The PDP-11/70 Maintenance and Installation Manual (EK-11070-MM-002) explains that the
  3. iordinadors de 16 bits fabricada per Digital Equipment Corporation en els anys 1970 i 1980.[1] Va ser pionera en la interconnexió de tots els elements del sistema - processador, memòria RAM i perifèrics - a un únic bus de comunicació, bidireccional, asíncron. Aquest dispositiu, anomenat Unibus permetia als dispositius enviar, rebre o intercanviar dades.
  4. S M L XL. The PDP-8/I front panel is very impressive -- it displays just about everything that's happening inside of the machine -- from the current address being executed, the data in memory, the contents of the accumulator, and multiplier-quotient register to the decoded instruction being executed and the current state

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PDP-11/70 - 11/45 のアーキテクチャを物理メモリ4MBまで拡大し、専用メモリバスを装備し、2Kバイトのキャッシュメモリを備え、Massbus で 高速I/Oデバイスを接続。 PDP-11/05, 11/10 - 11/20のコスト低減版; PDP-11/34, 11/04 - 11/35と11/05のコスト低減版 Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.. If you find any errors or have information that is missing, please let me knowlet me kno Tous les PDP-11 sont 16 bits et entrent dans la classe des mini-ordinateurs.Ils furent extrêmement populaires car ils alliaient modularité, un excellent rapport qualité/prix, et leur utilisation n'était pas cantonnée à un seul secteur d'application : on les retrouvait aussi bien dans les laboratoires de physique pour faire de l'acquisition de données que dans les cabinets comptables

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Re-animating the PDP-11/70Kenneth Lane Thompson timeline | Timetoast timelinesDigital (Dec) PDP-11/34 - YouTube

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pdp-11 — серія 16-розрядних міні-ЕОМ компанії dec, що серійно вироблялися та продавалися в 1970-80-х роках; розвиток серії pdp-8 із загальної лінійки комп'ютерів pdp.У pdp-11 з'явилося кілька унікальних технологічних інновацій, ця.

Toggling in a simple program DEC PDP-8 and PiDP-8 usingPDP-11/94 - Computer History WikiPDP-11/44 - Computer History WikiPDP-11 - WikiwandDEC PDP-11 HistoryPDP-11/03 - Computer History WikiPurdue Physics PDP-11/23 Restoration Project
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